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Coastal Athens 10K - 2015

The “Coastal Athens 10K” is a nice opportunity to enjoy seaside neighborhoods, named Athens Gold Coast or the Athenian Riviera offering several blocks of shops, cafes and restaurants with a Southern California atmosphere and very few tourists. The area is only 16 km south of the city centre with small peninsulas, very nice beaches giving participants the chance to discover Athens beauty in a more relaxing environment than the capital’s.

Samaria Run - 2015

The “Samaria Run” is a nice opportunity to enjoy a fantastic route along the worldwide famous Samariá gorge on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which is the only national park in Crete and the longest in Europe (total length 16km).

Revealing Hymettus Mountain secret Race - 14K 2015

The Revealing Hymettus Mountain secret Race - 14K is an exciting running event taking place in one of the city's green havens; a true botanical paradise offering a fantastic view. The mountain is well known by Manos Hadjidakis song «Up there in Hymettus» there's a secret, as there is a secret, impenetrable, yet mysteriously enchanting, a secret of centuries that fills man with awe, as on this mountain the footprints of man can be seen, from his first appearance up to our days.

Athens International Half Marathon 2015

The Athens International Half Marathon is a unique opportunity to run around Acropolis and through the historical district of Athens. Runners will enjoy the beauty of the city and experience an outstanding celebration mood that characterizes this event.

Santorini Experience 2015

The ultimate sports experience comes in one of the most significant touristic destinations in the world, Santorini. Famous for its majestic sunset and the beautiful beaches, Santorini is here to amaze you with one of the most extraordinary sport events in Greece.

Herakleion 10K & 5K Run - 2015

Are you ready to see Heraklion city’s cosmopolitan character and cultural life while running along the beautiful streets of the old town? “Herakleion 10K & 5K Run” is an ideal chance to enjoy the “Cretan” life while running in one of the town’s biggest sports event.

Poseidonios Half Marathon in Athens Riviera

The “Poseidonios Half Marathon in Athens Riviera” is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy running through the most beautiful sights of the Faliro Bay, the southeast coast of Athens, a location that uniquely combines ancient with modern. Apart of being a harbor for luxury yachts and boats, the Flisvos Marina is a wonderful place that provides a diversity of recreation and relaxation opportunities, while sporting enthusiasts can enjoy jogging, walking and cycling activities in a friendly and peaceful environment.

Roads to Rhodes Marathon 2015

The Roads to Rhodes Marathon 2015, starting and finishing in Ancient Stadium 2nd Century BC and the Acropolis of Rodos, is offering runners the chance to experience all the ancient and medieval history of the island and the old town as they run through the moat along with the spectacular views of the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea.

15th Kalamata 10K RUN

Kalamata 10K Race – In the apex of the crystal-blue Messinian Bay is a great opportunity experience a fast running event along the seaside of Kalamata, with lace-like beaches which have been granted the Blue Flag award of quality.

Spetsathlon 2015

The Spetsathlon 2015 is a mass sporting event being held in an island boasting a long naval tradition and rich history, offering a variety of activities, short excursions and romantic trips around the island in horse-drawn carriages.

Rethymno City Race - 2015

Rethymno City Race is ready to excite young and old in the biggest and one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, Crete. Rethymno is just one part of this beautiful island and the host of this celebration of athletism. Blessed with natural beauty and a big variety of local products, Rethymno is the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure; athletism with tourism. Runners will have the unique opportunity to experience the trails of this majestic island while participating in one of its biggest races.

Metropolitan Half Marathon 2015

The Metropolitan Half Marathon Race of the Efklis Runners Club is one of the newest and most upcoming running events in Athens taking place in a very interesting area where the former Ellinikon International Airport, now replaced by Eleftherios Venizelos was located. Apart from the half marathon race, there is also a 10K, a 5K and a 2K race for kids.

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