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Running Greece

You have definitely thought to visit Greece to swim in crystal clear waters, have fun in the sun in one of the numerous Greek beaches, visit world-famous archaeological sites and walk in the trails that Socrates, Aristoteles and Plato were walking. But have you ever thought to visit Greece for running?

We are here to offer you the opportunity to run in unique routes and participate in race events all over Greece. The place that gave birth to the Olympic Games offers you, except of the one and only «Classic Marathon» a variety of different running events. Running through traditional small villages, across the coastline and the superb beaches, in virgin forests or through famous archeological and historic places. Depending on what is your choice: the sea or the mountains, the cities or the villages, racing or just running we have an offer for you!

We love running, we love travelling and we love Greece. This is how we thought to offer you the possibility to experience Greece, its nature, its history, its culture and cuisine through what we love more: running!

We will help you select the ideal running event for you and confirm your participation. We will find for you the ideal place to stay and the ideal way to travel. We will offer you activities, sightseeing and training. And we will run with you to help you achieve your personal goals!

We are experienced runners ourselves and we have participated in many events in Greece and Europe so we have first hand experience on what you need and what can make your trip unforgettable.

Moreover we like to talk, so please contact us for any questions you may have. And when you decide to participate in a specific event please contact us and will tell you everything you want and need to know about it. And we promise that we will do an unbeatable offer!

And if you cannot find an event suitable for you, please let us know and we will find one for you!

See you soon,

Happy running!
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