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Frequently asked questions

Ι would like to come to Greece but I am not into running. Can I use your services?

Yes! You can use all our services as all our customers and guests! We are specialised in running and sports but we offer full traveling and tourist services. If you want to take full advantage of our services please inform us about your hobbies and interests and we will suggest to you a vacation plan around your hobbies. We do organize tours around sports like cycling, climbing, trekking, triathlon, sailing etc but we also organise tours around culture, concerts, music events, shows, art as cooking, food & wine tasting and many others.

I would like to run in an event but I am not an experience runner. Can I participate?

You can participate in all our events regardless of your level of expertise and training. You can inform us about you level of training and experience and we will suggest to you the right event for your level and the ideal training in order to finish the event without any problem.

I am travelling with my family and I am the only one running. Can we use your services?

Of course we can accommodate your friends and family. Please make sure that you fill-in correctly the relevant forms and inform us how many of your company are running. We will come back with offers and suggestions for all your company.

Would you able to offer me a full travelling package including air tickets and everything?

Yes! We are able to make you an offer in order to organize everything for you according to you plans. We exclude air tickets for the standard offers you see in our site, since many customers prefer to search and book their airplane tickets on their own. But we are more than pleased to serve you!

What is the perfect time to register to an event?

Since you have seen an event that you are interested in, please book it as soon as possible. This way we will give enough time to schedule every detail of your visit. Normally 3-4 months are adequate time. However, please note that there are events that they are announced just a few weeks before their realization so please keep visiting our site in order to avoid missing one! In case that you have missed a deadline and you are still interested to participate to an event please contact us and we try to find a place for you!

What is the perfect timing to visit Greece?

Greece is famous for its good weather :) so you can visit Greece any time of the year. However, the perfect timing is depending on your preference and destination (Athens, islands, mountains, countryside etc), Please inform us about your destination and will make you a suggestion.

I would like to visit Athens and an island. Is that possible?

Greece has hundreds of Athens and the access to them is usually easy from Athens or Thessaloniki. Please inform us about the areas you wish to visit and we will get back to you with alternative suggestion and vacation plans.

I would like to spend weekend in Athens. Can you help me?

We are more than pleased to plan for you the perfect weekend in Athens. We will give an indicative program and many suggestion to fit worth-visiting sites, shopping, dining, entertainment and many more in just a weekend :)

I cannot find that hotel that we are staying in your offer! How can I get this information?

We avoid to name the hotels in our offers because we try to select the ideal hotel or other accommodation for your visit. In any case we ensure that your hotel is close or convenient to the event you are participating, is offering late checkout if needed (so you can have a rest following your race) and many other facilities. When we get your information we get back to you with all your hotel details.

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