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The Authentic Big Blue

29 years after the famous "Big Blue" movie we dive again in the waters of Amorgos island in one unique event. Depth competition, Static competition, three training days, a parallel gastronomy festival and many other acitvities will enrich this great experience.  

Knossos Cretan Halfmarathon Road Race

The Knossos Cretan Half marathon Race, starting from the famous Minoan Palace of Knossos- one of the most important archeological sites in Europe, is offering the chance to run in history, in the footsteps of Minos King and get to know the birthplace of El Greco and Nikos Kazantzakis. 


Athens Running Weekends are a unique opportunity to discover Athens the running way and combine a weekend break in this great city and enjoy running in stunning places like the Acropolis, the Panathinaikon stadium and more…. You will also have the opportunity to join one running event from 5k to Half marathon that it is taking place in Athens.

The West Mani 10K 2019

The West Mani 10K in Messinia, offering a great chance to enjoy running at the waterfront of one of the most beautiful locations in Greece with countless kilometers of coast line and swimming in the crystal waters taking advantage of its unique landscapes.

Olympians Night Run Rethymno Crete

The Olympian Run International Series is continuing with Rethymno Night Run! Celebrate the Olympic day joining the Olympians Night Run in the unique city of Rethymno, Crete. This is a great opportunity to explore the city of Rethymno and enjoy Crete at its best! Rethymno combines history, beauty, and great gastronomy tradition. Fortetza is the Venetian castle of Rethymno nearby center of the old town and visible from all parts of the city!

Kimolos Trail

The “Kimolos Trail” is offering some of the most magical trail races in a peaceful place which you can concur all by foot, due to its beautiful and countless paths, leading to every magical beach of the island.

Marathon Lake Run 2019

The “Marathon Lake Run” is a new upcoming running event taking place in Lake Marathon, the huge man-made reservoir formed by the Marathon Dam. Runners can enjoy unparalleled physical beauty as the sight of the water contrasts with the startling green of the surrounding pine tree forest. The artificial Lake Marathon is the only dam in the world said to be faced with real marble.

Revealing Hymettus Athens Mountain Race

The Revealing Hymettus Mountain secret Race - 14K is an exciting running event taking place in one of the city's green havens; a true botanical paradise offering a fantastic view. The mountain is well known by Manos Hadjidakis song «Up there in Hymettus» there's a secret, as there is a secret, impenetrable, yet mysteriously enchanting, a secret of centuries that fills man with awe, as on this mountain the footprints of man can be seen, from his first appearance up to our days.

Samaria Run

The “Samaria Run” is a nice opportunity to enjoy a fantastic route along the worldwide famous Samariá gorge on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which is the only national park in Crete and the longest in Europe (total length 16km).

Sifnos Trail Race 2018

Sifnos Trail Race is one of the most popular running events in the Cyclades islands and a unique opportunity to visit and explore this small Cycladic island famous for its character, food, beauty, and nature.

The Athens Wellness May Break

Welcome to the Athens Wellness break in Athens.  We have prepared for you the ideal program to relax and rejuvenate yourself get fit, feel great and be ready for a great season ahead!

Andros Half Marathon

Run “Andros Half Marathon 2018” and experience wild, breathtaking landscapes and scenery. This race gives you the opportunity to run through nature’s and man’s amazing “creations”, such as outstanding bays, beautiful mountains, traditional villages, churches and castles and the gorgeous Dipotamata canyon. Explore Andros’ sandy beaches, the rocky coastlines, rich history and elegant architecture.

Naxos Trail Race

The Naxos Trail Race is offering some of the most magical trail races in a place which is considered to be the "heart" of the Aegean combining the magic of the beaches and the beautiful mountainous landscape as an exotic backdrop, offering a feast of activities.

The Athens Wellness Spring Break IV

Welcome to the Athens Wellness break in Athens.  We have prepared for you the ideal program to relax and rejuvenate yourself get fit, feel great and be ready for a great season ahead!

The Athens Wellness Spring Break III

Welcome to the Athens Wellness break in Athens.  We have prepared for you the ideal program to relax and rejuvenate yourself get fit, feel great and be ready for a great season ahead!

Kerkini Lake Run 2017

The “Kerkini Lake Run 2017” is held in the lake of Kerkini one of the most important wetlands in Europe, 85km outside Thessaloniki. Offering runners from all over the world the chance to experience this unique in Greece birding site with thousands of birds, both rare and protected, riverside forests, water-lilies in a large area, big fish variety and a fantastic panoramic view.

Zakynthos Night Run 2017

Run “Zakynthos Night Run 2017” and explore an island globally famous for the amazing beaches, surrounded by the clear blue water of the Ionian Sea. Discover and island that has three distinct geographical areas: mountainous with quaint traditional mountain villages, fertile plain rich with olive groves and vineyards and beautiful beaches.

Porto Carras Half Marathon

Porto Carras Grand Resort an the organizing committee of XTERRA Greece, are pleased to announce the 4th Porto Carras Spring Half Marathon powered by XTERRA.  The Porto Carras Half Marathon on Saturday 2nd and the Porto Carras Swim Challenge on Sunday 3rd of September 2017, on the resort’s magnificent 17,000 acre landscape surrounded by natural pine forests and spectacular views of  Toronaios Gulf.

Arachova Trail 2017

Run “Arachova Trail 2017” and explore a mountainous village nestling picturesquely at the foot of Mt. Parnassos. Enjoy the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece, a great favorite for passionate ski and mountain activities lovers. Enjoy a place that combines grandeur with wild scenery, breathtaking views, healthy climate, peculiar architectural homes, nightlife and winter sports.

Corfu - Argirades Village 10K Run

Corfu-Argirades Village 10K Run is a multi-terrain race carried on trails and earth-roads through an area of outstanding natural beauty and along long sandy beaches. Known as the Emerald Island because of its lush greenery and breathtaking beauty, Corfu is one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. Its rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments, its stunning natural landscape, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round explain why Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean destinations weaving a powerful spell on its visitors.

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